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Every Third Wednesday of October


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BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day in the USA falls on the third Wednesday of October. While numerous breast cancer campaigns cover diverse aspects, BRA Day USA distinguishes itself by focusing on post-mastectomy or lumpectomy options. Reconstruction might not be suitable for every woman, but ensuring access to available choices enables informed decision-making.


  • Origins: BRA Day USA was established in 2011 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and The Plastic Surgery Foundation (The PSF) in partnership with breast cancer support groups and organizations. The initiative was inspired by similar efforts in Canada, spearheaded by Dr. Mitchell Brown.
  • Growth: Since its inception, BRA Day USA has grown in participation and impact, with numerous events, educational campaigns, and support activities held across the country to promote breast reconstruction awareness.


BRA Day USA holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Patient Education: It aims to ensure that all women are fully informed about their breast reconstruction options following mastectomy or lumpectomy.
  2. Support and Resources: It provides support and resources for breast cancer patients, helping them make informed decisions about their healthcare.
  3. Awareness and Advocacy: It raises awareness about the availability and benefits of breast reconstruction, advocating for improved access to reconstructive surgery for all patients.

Key Messages

  1. Informed Choices:

    • Patients should be aware of all breast reconstruction options, including timing (immediate vs. delayed reconstruction) and types (implant-based vs. autologous tissue reconstruction).
    • Understanding the risks, benefits, and potential outcomes of each option is crucial for making informed decisions.
  2. Reconstruction is a Personal Choice:

    • Breast reconstruction is a personal decision, and not all patients may choose to undergo the procedure. Respecting and supporting each individual's choice is essential.
  3. Access to Care:

    • Efforts should be made to ensure that all women have access to breast reconstruction surgery, regardless of their geographic location, insurance coverage, or financial situation.

Activities and Ways to Participate

  1. Educational Events:

    • Seminars and Workshops: Host seminars and workshops featuring healthcare professionals who can provide information about breast reconstruction options, procedures, and recovery.
    • Webinars: Conduct webinars to reach a wider audience, allowing patients to ask questions and learn from experts.
  2. Community Outreach:

    • Health Fairs: Participate in health fairs and community events to distribute informational materials and resources about breast reconstruction.
    • Support Groups: Organize support group meetings where women can share their experiences and provide mutual support.
  3. Social Media Campaigns:

    • Awareness Posts: Share educational posts, personal stories, and statistics about breast reconstruction on social media platforms using hashtags like #BRADayUSA and #BreastReconstructionAwareness.
    • Virtual Events: Host virtual events, such as Q&A sessions with plastic surgeons and patient testimonials, to engage with a broader audience.
  4. Fundraising and Donations:

    • Charity Events: Organize charity walks, runs, or other events to raise funds for breast cancer research and support programs.
    • Donations: Encourage donations to organizations that provide financial assistance and resources for breast cancer patients and survivors.
  5. Collaboration with Healthcare Providers:

    • Partnerships: Collaborate with local hospitals, clinics, and plastic surgery practices to offer free or discounted consultations and educational materials.
    • Patient Referrals: Work with healthcare providers to ensure that patients are referred to qualified plastic surgeons for reconstructive consultations.

Impact and Legacy

BRA Day USA has made a significant impact by:

  • Raising Awareness: Increasing public and patient awareness about breast reconstruction options and the importance of informed decision-making.
  • Improving Access: Advocating for improved access to reconstructive surgery and reducing barriers to care for breast cancer patients.
  • Supporting Patients: Providing a platform for patients to share their stories, receive support, and connect with others who have undergone similar experiences.

Fun Facts

  1. Symbol: The pink ribbon is the universal symbol of breast cancer awareness, often seen during BRA Day USA events to promote solidarity and support.
  2. International Reach: While BRA Day USA is observed in the United States, similar awareness days are celebrated in other countries, creating a global movement for breast reconstruction awareness.
  3. Not Just for Women: While breast cancer primarily affects women, men can also develop breast cancer and may require reconstruction. BRA Day USA includes awareness efforts for all individuals affected by breast cancer.


BRA Day USA is a vital observance that highlights the importance of breast reconstruction awareness and education. By providing resources, support, and advocacy, BRA Day USA empowers breast cancer patients to make informed decisions about their reconstruction options and promotes access to quality care for all. Through educational events, community outreach, and collaborative efforts, BRA Day USA continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by breast cancer.