International Beer Day

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International Beer Day
International Beer Day


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Annually observed on the first Friday of August, International Beer Day is a worldwide celebration of beer culture and diversity. This global event encourages individuals to explore new and diverse beer flavors. International Beer Day is embraced in over 200 cities across 80 countries on six continents.

Background and History

  • Origin: International Beer Day was first celebrated in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. It was founded by Jesse Avshalomov, Evan Hamilton, Aaron Araki, and Richard Hernandez as a day to gather with friends and enjoy beer together.

  • Purpose: The day aims to celebrate the craft of brewing, promote beer culture and appreciation, and unite beer lovers worldwide in shared enjoyment of their favorite beverage.


  • Celebrate Beer: International Beer Day encourages people to gather with friends, explore different beer styles, and celebrate the diverse flavors and traditions of beer around the world.

  • Support Local Breweries: The day promotes support for local breweries and encourages beer enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the craft and creativity of local brewers.

  • Educate: International Beer Day also serves as an opportunity to educate the public about responsible drinking habits, beer history, brewing techniques, and the cultural significance of beer in various societies.

Activities and Traditions

  • Beer Tastings: Many breweries, pubs, and beer bars host special events such as beer tastings, tap takeovers, and brewery tours to mark International Beer Day.

  • Social Gatherings: Beer enthusiasts gather at pubs, restaurants, breweries, and homes to share and enjoy different beers, exchange stories, and celebrate the camaraderie of beer culture.

  • Beer Pairing Events: Restaurants and breweries often organize beer pairing events where specific beers are matched with complementary foods to enhance the tasting experience.

Global Participation

  • Worldwide Celebration: International Beer Day is celebrated in countries around the world, with beer enthusiasts and breweries organizing events and activities that showcase local beer traditions and styles.

  • Social Media Engagement: Participants share their International Beer Day experiences on social media platforms using hashtags such as #InternationalBeerDay to connect with beer lovers globally.

How to Celebrate International Beer Day

  • Visit Local Breweries: Support local breweries by visiting their taprooms, trying new releases, and learning about their brewing processes.

  • Host a Beer Tasting: Organize a beer tasting party with friends, featuring a variety of beers from different countries or styles.

  • Explore Beer Styles: Expand your beer palate by trying beers you haven't tasted before, such as IPAs, stouts, lagers, sours, and seasonal brews.


International Beer Day is a festive occasion that celebrates the rich history, cultural diversity, and social enjoyment associated with beer. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or new to exploring craft brews, International Beer Day provides an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the craft and community of beer culture with friends, family, and fellow beer lovers worldwide. Cheers to International Beer Day!