International IPA Day

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International IPA Day
International IPA Day

Observed on the first Thursday in August, International IPA Day is dedicated to the celebration of India Pale Ale Beer. Although IPA stands as one of the most favored craft beer varieties, it is currently enjoying a revival through local microbreweries. Numerous microbreweries are achieving success as their distinctive brew gains popularity, making its way into local restaurants and pubs.

Background and History

  • Origin: International IPA Day was founded in 2011 by beer enthusiasts and bloggers as a way to celebrate and promote the IPA style of beer, which has gained immense popularity in the craft beer movement.

  • Date: International IPA Day is observed annually on the first Thursday of August. In 2024, it falls on August 1st.

India Pale Ale (IPA) Style

  • Characteristics: IPA is characterized by its prominent hop bitterness, floral and citrusy aroma, and often higher alcohol content compared to other beer styles.

  • History: IPAs trace their origins to 18th century England, where brewers developed the style to withstand long sea voyages to British colonies, particularly India. The higher hop content acted as a preservative.

Celebration and Activities

  • Tastings and Events: Breweries, pubs, and beer enthusiasts around the world celebrate International IPA Day with special events, tastings, tap takeovers, and brewery tours focusing on IPAs.

  • Social Media Engagement: Participants share their favorite IPAs, beer pairings, and experiences on social media platforms using hashtags like #IPADay to connect with other beer enthusiasts globally.

  • Education and Appreciation: International IPA Day encourages education about different IPA variations (e.g., West Coast IPA, New England IPA, Double IPA) and appreciation for the craftsmanship of brewers who create diverse and innovative IPA recipes.

IPA Culture and Community

  • Craft Beer Movement: IPAs have become synonymous with the craft beer revolution, reflecting creativity, experimentation, and a passion for bold flavors among brewers and consumers alike.

  • Local and Global Impact: The popularity of IPAs has influenced beer cultures worldwide, leading to a proliferation of craft breweries specializing in hop-forward beers and fostering community engagement through beer festivals and local beer scenes.

How to Participate

  • Explore IPAs: Visit local breweries or beer bars to taste different IPAs and discover your favorite styles and flavor profiles.

  • Share Your Experience: Join the conversation on social media by posting photos, reviews, and recommendations of IPAs you enjoy using the hashtag #IPADay.

  • Support Local Breweries: Celebrate International IPA Day by supporting local breweries and exploring their IPA offerings, whether through visits, take-home growlers, or online orders.


International IPA Day celebrates the diversity, creativity, and community spirit of the craft beer world, with a focus on the beloved India Pale Ale style. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer aficionado or new to the IPA scene, International IPA Day offers an opportunity to explore, enjoy, and share your passion for hoppy beers with like-minded enthusiasts worldwide. Cheers to IPA Day!