International Shareware Day

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International Shareware Day
International Shareware Day

Celebrate International Shareware Day on December 9th this year, dedicated to acknowledging the often overlooked contributions of computer programmers. These unsung heroes play a crucial role in the functionality of various technological devices, from automatic washing machines to ATMs. The day honors software designers and programmers who dedicate their efforts to creating code and programs, making our lives more convenient, enjoyable, and functional. It's a day to recognize and appreciate the tireless work of programmers who strive to enhance the quality of our daily experiences.

Background and Establishment

  1. Concept of Shareware: Shareware is a software distribution model that allows users to try a program for free, with the option to pay for additional features, services, or continued use. This model emerged in the 1980s and became popular due to its accessibility and user-friendly approach.

  2. Historical Significance: Shareware played a significant role in the early days of personal computing, providing an avenue for independent developers to distribute their software widely without the need for expensive marketing and distribution channels.

  3. Informal Recognition: While there is no official establishment date, International Shareware Day is typically observed by the software community, developers, and users who appreciate the shareware model.


  1. Promote Shareware: Increase awareness about the shareware model and its benefits for both developers and users.

  2. Support Developers: Encourage users to support shareware developers by purchasing software they find useful and by providing feedback.

  3. Celebrate Innovation: Highlight the contributions of shareware to software innovation and the growth of the software industry.

Themes and Campaigns

  1. Annual Themes: Themes might focus on different aspects of shareware, such as its history, success stories, or the evolution of software distribution models.

  2. Global Campaigns: Campaigns often involve social media drives, webinars, and virtual meetups to discuss the importance of shareware, share experiences, and promote new shareware products.

Activities and Initiatives

  1. Software Showcases: Developers showcase their shareware products, often providing discounts or special offers to celebrate the day.

  2. Educational Webinars: Webinars and online workshops are organized to educate users and aspiring developers about the shareware model, software development, and marketing strategies.

  3. Community Engagement: Online forums, social media groups, and community events are used to engage users and developers, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

Global Impact and Challenges

  1. Accessibility and Innovation: Shareware has democratized software distribution, allowing independent developers to reach a global audience. It has also spurred innovation by providing a platform for new ideas and technologies.

  2. Challenges for Developers: Despite its benefits, shareware developers often face challenges such as software piracy, competition from free and open-source software, and the difficulty of converting free users to paying customers.

Calls to Action

  1. Support Shareware: Users are encouraged to support shareware developers by purchasing licenses for software they find useful and by spreading the word about quality shareware products.

  2. Encourage Development: Aspiring developers are motivated to explore the shareware model as a viable path to distributing their software and reaching a broad audience.

  3. Promote Ethical Use: Users are reminded to respect shareware licenses and avoid pirating software, ensuring developers receive fair compensation for their work.

Future Directions

  1. Integration with Modern Platforms: As software distribution evolves, shareware can integrate more with modern app stores and digital distribution platforms to reach wider audiences.

  2. Enhanced Security and Features: Developers can focus on improving the security and feature sets of their shareware to compete with other software distribution models.

  3. Community Building: Strengthening the shareware community through forums, online groups, and events can foster collaboration, support, and the sharing of best practices.


International Shareware Day serves as an important reminder of the contributions of shareware to the software industry. By promoting awareness, supporting developers, and celebrating innovation, this observance highlights the value of the shareware model in providing accessible, user-friendly software to a global audience. Through continued support and community engagement, the spirit of shareware can thrive, encouraging innovation and providing valuable tools to users worldwide.