International Town Criers Day

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International Town Criers Day
International Town Criers Day


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On the second Monday of July, observed as International Town Criers Day on July 10, we celebrate the historical significance of town criers throughout history. If you possess a robust voice or enjoy keeping others informed about current events, this day is tailor-made for you.

Origins and History

  • Historical Role: Town criers have a long history dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, but they became particularly prominent during the medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe.
  • Duties: Their primary role was to make public announcements, read official proclamations, announce news, and relay important messages to the community.
  • Bell and Cry: Town criers used a bell or other instruments to attract attention and a distinctive loud voice to deliver their messages.

Purpose of International Town Criers Day

  • Preservation of Tradition: The day aims to preserve and promote the tradition of town criers and their historical significance in community communication.
  • Celebration: It celebrates the art of town crying as a unique form of public communication and entertainment.
  • Recognition: Town Criers Day recognizes the contribution of town criers to local governance, public awareness, and community cohesion.

Activities and Observances

  • Town Crier Competitions: Some communities host town crier competitions where town criers from different regions compete based on their delivery, authenticity, and content of their announcements.
  • Public Performances: Town criers may perform public cries or proclamations in historical costumes and settings to educate the public about their role.
  • Educational Events: Schools and museums may organize educational events and workshops to teach about the history and techniques of town crying.
  • Community Engagement: Town criers may engage with the community by making special announcements, participating in parades, or attending local festivals.

Modern Town Crying

  • Role Today: While traditional town criers are less common in modern times, some communities and historical societies maintain the tradition for ceremonial and educational purposes.
  • Cultural Heritage: Town criers contribute to cultural heritage tourism and historical reenactments, preserving local history and traditions.
  • Symbolic Role: In some places, town criers continue to symbolize public spirit, community pride, and civic responsibility.

How to Celebrate International Town Criers Day

  • Attend Events: Attend town crier performances, competitions, or historical reenactments in your local area.
  • Learn History: Learn about the history of town criers and their role in local governance and communication.
  • Support Tradition: Support efforts to preserve and promote the tradition of town criers through donations, volunteerism, or participation in related activities.
  • Spread Awareness: Share information about International Town Criers Day on social media using hashtags like #TownCriersDay or #InternationalTownCriersDay.

International Town Criers Day celebrates an ancient tradition of public communication and community engagement, reminding us of the importance of public awareness, community spirit, and historical preservation in modern society. It honors the dedication and distinctive role of town criers throughout history in delivering news and announcements to communities in an era before widespread literacy and mass media.