National Chicken Lady Day

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National Chicken Lady Day
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National Chicken Lady Day

When It Occurs

Every November 4th


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Initially, National Chicken Lady Day on November 4 may seem food-focused or a clever nod to the character portrayed by Mark McKinney on "The Kids in the Hall." However, it's not entirely linked to those concepts. (Although, it does have a bit to do with chicken.) National Chicken Lady Day commemorates Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree, a successful businesswoman and motivational speaker. Dupree's remarkable journey and business success led her to meet President George W. Bush. This day is a tribute to Dupree's dedication to enhancing educational standards within her community.


  • Origins: National Chicken Lady Day was established to recognize Dr. Marthenia Dupree’s impact on her community and beyond. Dr. Dupree worked for 12 years as the Director of Community Relations and Training at a major chicken restaurant chain, where she earned the nickname "The Chicken Lady."
  • Growth: The day was officially recognized by the United States Congress, and it has grown to highlight the importance of community service, education, and professional development inspired by Dr. Dupree’s work.


National Chicken Lady Day holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Recognition of Community Service: It honors the efforts of individuals who make significant contributions to their communities through service and advocacy.
  2. Inspiration for Education: It emphasizes the importance of education and professional development, encouraging others to pursue lifelong learning and mentorship.
  3. Celebration of Impact: It celebrates the positive impact one person can have on their community, inspiring others to get involved and make a difference.

Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree’s Contributions

  1. Community Outreach:

    • Mentorship Programs: Dr. Dupree has developed and led numerous mentorship programs, focusing on empowering individuals in underserved communities to achieve their educational and professional goals.
    • Workshops and Training: She has conducted workshops and training sessions on leadership, communication, and personal development, helping participants to enhance their skills and confidence.
  2. Educational Advocacy:

    • Scholarships and Grants: Dr. Dupree has been instrumental in securing scholarships and grants to support students in their educational pursuits.
    • Speaking Engagements: As a motivational speaker, she has inspired countless individuals with her story and her dedication to education and community service.
  3. Professional Development:

    • Career Guidance: Dr. Dupree has provided career guidance and support to individuals seeking to improve their job prospects and professional skills.
    • Networking Opportunities: She has created opportunities for networking and collaboration among professionals, fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

Ways to Celebrate

  1. Volunteer in Your Community:

    • Community Service: Spend the day volunteering with local organizations or initiatives that focus on education, mentorship, or community development.
    • Support Local Programs: Donate your time, resources, or funds to support programs that align with Dr. Dupree’s mission of empowerment and education.
  2. Participate in Educational Activities:

    • Workshops and Seminars: Attend or organize workshops and seminars on topics related to personal and professional development.
    • Mentorship: Offer to mentor someone in your community, providing guidance and support in their educational or career journey.
  3. Honor Local Heroes:

    • Recognize Contributions: Take the time to recognize and celebrate individuals in your community who have made significant contributions to education and community service.
    • Award Ceremonies: Organize an award ceremony or event to honor local heroes, similar to the way Dr. Dupree has been celebrated.
  4. Learn and Share Dr. Dupree’s Story:

    • Educational Resources: Read about Dr. Dupree’s life and achievements. Share her story with others to inspire them to get involved in their communities.
    • Social Media: Use social media platforms to share information about National Chicken Lady Day and Dr. Dupree’s contributions, using hashtags like #NationalChickenLadyDay and #ChickenLady.
  5. Host a Community Event:

    • Community Gatherings: Organize a community gathering or event to celebrate the day, bringing people together to discuss ways to support education and community service.
    • Guest Speakers: Invite motivational speakers or community leaders to speak about the importance of education, mentorship, and community involvement.

Fun Facts About Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree

  1. Nickname Origin: Dr. Dupree earned the nickname "The Chicken Lady" during her tenure at a major chicken restaurant chain, where she worked in community relations and training.
  2. Motivational Speaker: Dr. Dupree is a sought-after motivational speaker, known for her inspiring talks on leadership, empowerment, and personal development.
  3. Author: She has authored several books and articles on topics related to personal growth, professional development, and community service.

Inspirational Quotes by Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree

  1. "Empowerment begins with education and a willingness to grow." – Dr. Marthenia Dupree
  2. "When you uplift others, you uplift yourself." – Dr. Marthenia Dupree
  3. "Success is not just what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do." – Dr. Marthenia Dupree


National Chicken Lady Day is a celebration of the remarkable contributions of Dr. Marthenia "Tina" Dupree and her impact on education and community service. Whether through volunteering, participating in educational activities, honoring local heroes, or learning and sharing Dr. Dupree’s story, there are many ways to celebrate this meaningful day. National Chicken Lady Day encourages everyone to recognize the power of community service and the importance of empowering others through education and mentorship.