National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

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National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day
United States
National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day


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Happy National Neither Snow nor Rain Day on September 7th! This day commemorates the opening of the New York Post Office on September 7, 1914. It celebrates the commitment and dedication of postal workers who persevere through all weather conditions to ensure the mail is delivered, embodying the saying often associated with the Postal Service: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Origins and History

The history of National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day is tied to the USPS and its storied tradition of mail delivery:

  • Historical Phrase: The phrase "Neither snow nor rain..." originates from the ancient Persian Empire. It was inscribed on the frieze of the New York City Post Office building, completed in 1914, and has since become synonymous with the USPS.
  • Establishment of the Day: National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day was established to recognize and celebrate the perseverance and dedication of postal workers who ensure that mail is delivered regardless of weather conditions.

The Significance of Postal Workers

Postal workers hold special significance for several reasons:

  • Reliable Service: Postal workers provide a vital service, ensuring that mail and packages are delivered promptly and reliably to homes and businesses across the country.
  • Commitment to Duty: The phrase "Neither snow nor rain..." highlights the commitment of postal workers to perform their duties despite challenging weather conditions.
  • Connection to the Community: Postal workers are often familiar faces in their communities, building relationships with the people they serve and contributing to the sense of community.

Ways to Celebrate National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day

There are many meaningful and appreciative ways to celebrate National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day:

  1. Thank a Postal Worker: Take a moment to thank your postal carrier for their hard work and dedication. A simple thank-you note, a small gift, or a word of appreciation can go a long way.
  2. Learn About the USPS: Educate yourself about the history and operations of the USPS. Understanding the challenges and achievements of the postal service can deepen your appreciation for the work postal workers do.
  3. Support Postal Services: Support your local post office by using their services for sending letters and packages. Purchasing stamps and postal products helps sustain the USPS.
  4. Share on Social Media: Use social media to share your appreciation for postal workers. Post stories, photos, and messages of gratitude using the hashtag #NeitherSnowNorRainDay.
  5. Visit a Post Office: Visit your local post office and observe the operations. You can also learn about the different services offered and how the postal system works.
  6. Read and Share Postal History: Explore the rich history of the postal service by reading books, watching documentaries, or visiting postal museums. Share interesting facts with friends and family.

Fun Facts About the USPS

  • Longest Postal Route: The longest postal route in the United States is in Mangum, Oklahoma, covering 187.6 miles and serving 241 boxes.
  • Oldest Post Office: The oldest continuously operating post office in the United States is located in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, established in 1816.
  • Volume of Mail: The USPS processes and delivers over 472 million pieces of mail each day.

The Importance of the USPS

The USPS plays a crucial role in American society:

  • Universal Service: The USPS provides universal service, ensuring that mail is delivered to every address in the United States, regardless of location.
  • Employment: The USPS is one of the largest employers in the country, providing jobs to over 600,000 people.
  • Essential Services: Beyond delivering mail, the USPS offers essential services such as passport applications, money orders, and the delivery of prescription medications.


National Neither Snow Nor Rain Day is a celebration of the dedication and hard work of postal workers who ensure that mail is delivered regardless of the weather. Whether you’re thanking your postal carrier, learning about the USPS, or sharing your appreciation on social media, this day is an opportunity to recognize and honor the essential service provided by postal workers. On September 7th, take the time to acknowledge the commitment and resilience of those who keep the mail moving, no matter the conditions.