National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

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National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day
United States
National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day

When It Occurs

Every Wednesday of the Second Full Week of October


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National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day falls on October 16 this year, taking place on the Wednesday of the second full week of October. The day aims to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for parents to engage with their children and discover what they eat at school. It fosters collaboration between parents and school administrators to establish healthier lunch options for students.


  • Origins: National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day was initiated by the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and KIWI magazine. The idea behind the day is to provide parents with an opportunity to experience firsthand the meals served at schools and to promote dialogue about nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  • Growth: Since its inception, the day has gained traction across the United States, with many schools participating in the event to strengthen parent-school relationships and advocate for nutritious school meals.


National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day holds significant importance for several reasons:

  1. Parent Engagement: It encourages parents to become more involved in their children’s education and daily school life.
  2. Nutrition Awareness: It raises awareness about the importance of nutritious school lunches and the role they play in children’s overall health and academic performance.
  3. Building Connections: It helps build stronger relationships between parents, teachers, and school staff, fostering a supportive community for students.

Ways to Celebrate

  1. School Events:

    • Invite Parents: Schools can send out invitations to parents, encouraging them to join their children for lunch on this special day.
    • Special Programs: Organize special programs or activities during lunchtime, such as guest speakers, nutrition workshops, or performances by students.
  2. Healthy Lunch Menus:

    • Nutritious Options: Schools can highlight their healthy lunch options by offering special menus that emphasize nutritious, balanced meals.
    • Taste Tests: Provide taste tests of new or popular healthy lunch items, allowing parents and children to sample and give feedback.
  3. Tours and Information Sessions:

    • Kitchen Tours: Offer tours of the school kitchen to show parents how meals are prepared and the standards followed for food safety and nutrition.
    • Information Sessions: Host sessions where nutritionists or dietitians discuss the benefits of healthy eating and how school meals are designed to meet dietary guidelines.
  4. Interactive Activities:

    • Cooking Demonstrations: Arrange cooking demonstrations where chefs or school nutrition staff prepare healthy recipes that are served in the school cafeteria.
    • Gardening Projects: If the school has a garden, involve parents and students in gardening activities to show where some of the fresh produce in school meals comes from.
  5. Feedback and Surveys:

    • Parent Surveys: Distribute surveys to gather parents’ feedback on school meals and suggestions for improvements.
    • Discussion Forums: Create opportunities for parents, students, and school staff to discuss nutrition and meal planning in a forum setting.

Benefits of Healthy School Lunches

  1. Improved Academic Performance:

    • Nutritious meals provide the necessary energy and nutrients that help children concentrate, stay alert, and perform better academically.
  2. Better Health:

    • Balanced school lunches contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, preventing obesity, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.
  3. Healthy Eating Habits:

    • Exposure to healthy foods at school encourages children to develop lifelong healthy eating habits.
  4. Social Skills:

    • Lunchtime provides an opportunity for children to socialize, develop good manners, and learn about diverse foods and cultures.

Fun Facts About School Lunches

  1. National School Lunch Program: The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) was established in 1946 and provides low-cost or free lunches to eligible students in public and non-profit private schools.
  2. Nutrition Standards: In 2012, the USDA updated nutrition standards for school meals to ensure they are healthier and include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.
  3. Global Impact: Similar to the NSLP in the U.S., many countries around the world have programs aimed at providing healthy meals to students to support their growth and learning.


National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day is a valuable observance that encourages parent engagement in school life and promotes the importance of healthy school lunches. By participating in this event, parents can gain insight into their children’s daily nutrition, provide valuable feedback, and help advocate for better food policies in schools. The day fosters a sense of community and collaboration between parents, students, and school staff, ultimately benefiting the overall well-being and academic success of students.