World Nutella Day

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World Nutella Day
World Nutella Day


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Every year on February 5th, World Nutella Day is observed, dedicated to celebrating the hazelnut and cocoa-flavored spread that adds delight to dipping, spreading, and baking.

Originating in 2007 as a personal celebration, this day has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Celebrations include experimenting with new recipes or trying ones you've been curious about. Some enthusiasts have even discovered inventive ways to enjoy Nutella, like pairing it with pretzel sticks or potato chips.

Origin and History

  • Founding: World Nutella Day was established by Sara Rosso, an American blogger and Nutella enthusiast, in 2007. It started as a simple idea to celebrate and share her love for Nutella with fellow fans around the world.

  • Purpose: The day aims to celebrate Nutella’s unique flavor, versatility in culinary creations, and its cultural impact as a globally cherished treat.

  • Date: It is observed annually on February 5th, attracting Nutella lovers of all ages to indulge in their favorite Nutella-inspired dishes and treats.

Nutella Overview

  • Product Description: Nutella is a creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread made from roasted hazelnuts, cocoa powder, sugar, palm oil, and a touch of vanilla extract. It has a rich, nutty flavor with a smooth texture that melts in the mouth.

  • Versatile Use: Nutella is used as a spread on bread, toast, pancakes, and waffles. It is also a popular ingredient in desserts such as cakes, cookies, brownies, and even as a topping for ice cream or fruit.

Activities and Celebrations

  • Social Media Buzz: Nutella enthusiasts and food bloggers share their favorite Nutella recipes, photos, and creative uses of Nutella on social media platforms using hashtags like #WorldNutellaDay.

  • Baking Contests: Bakeries, cafes, and culinary schools may host Nutella-themed baking contests, where participants showcase their baking skills by creating innovative Nutella-based desserts.

  • Nutella Tastings: Grocery stores, specialty food shops, and Nutella-themed pop-up events may offer tastings, samplings, and promotional discounts on Nutella products.

Global Impact and Fan Base

  • Cultural Icon: Nutella has become a cultural icon with a dedicated fan base worldwide. Its popularity transcends borders, appealing to people of different cultures and culinary preferences.

  • Nutella Communities: World Nutella Day brings together Nutella enthusiasts, foodies, and bloggers from diverse backgrounds to share their love for Nutella and exchange recipe ideas and tips.

Nutella Recipes and Innovations

  • Recipe Sharing: Fans and chefs create and share Nutella-inspired recipes, including Nutella-filled pastries, Nutella-stuffed crepes, Nutella cheesecakes, and Nutella-swirled brownies.

  • DIY Creations: Homemade Nutella-inspired treats such as Nutella milkshakes, Nutella hot chocolate, and Nutella-filled donuts are popular choices for celebrating the day.


World Nutella Day celebrates the joy, indulgence, and creativity inspired by Nutella, inviting fans around the globe to share their passion for this iconic chocolate-hazelnut spread. Whether enjoyed as a simple spread on toast or as a decadent ingredient in gourmet desserts, Nutella continues to captivate taste buds and ignite culinary imagination on World Nutella Day and throughout the year.